To create the effect of three-dimensional or 3D, it seems you no longer need special software. Now you just need a pen such as 3Doodler to produce works in 3D. You can go to for more 3D printing pens.

This special pen made by WobbleWorks is able to create three-dimensional images in a variety of media. Ranging from paper, plastic and draw it directly, though, gives the impression of floating. The nib made of metal that is able to withstand heat up to a temperature of 270 degrees Celsius, while the ink is made from ABS plastic, a material commonly used in 3D printers.

The liquid plastic used to quickly dry and form objects created. To obtain 3D images, simply connect the pen to the electrical connection then you can start drawing, starting from simple image and text to design complex graphics such as the Eiffel Tower. WobbleWorks, the company that sparked this idea makes its campaign through Kickstarter, requiring a $ 50,000 fund for the realisation of this concept.