In designing the building, the lighting is a fairly important part. The quality of light from the light source will determine the final outcome of quality and efficiency of lighting in buildings. For that, it is very useful if we know more about the types of lighting and the implementation of a design/building. Most of us probably already know that the light source is divided into natural light and artificial lighting. Artificial lighting is created by humans and be controlled by humans among the artificial lighting like burning wood, oil, and lighting which uses electricity or better known as light. Lamps are artificial lighting is generally used by the public today. Light emitting diode lights or commonly known as LED lights are lights in the form of a solid in the absence of gas and chemicals. LED lights do not require a gas to produce light or in other words, do not contain mercury making it environmentally friendly and safer for human health. When viewed from the light intensity, LED light has a light intensity that is quite good.

If the conventional Incandescent lamps, light production process generates high heat because it must be heated filament lamps, LEDs do not have a filament that burned so fewer generate heat. This makes the largest portion of the electrical energy used to produce light that makes it secrete a good intensity (intensity better than the CFL) but with energy (wattage) more efficient. This makes the electrical energy consumption and works air conditioner (AC) is lighter and very economical in design that uses LED lights. Another plus is that the lamp has a service life much longer than the two previous types of lamps, which is between 5-15 years.
In terms of form, the LED lights have a variety of forms ranging from a bulb resembles a ribbon or so-called strip light, Highlight / Spotlight, and much more. As for placement, LED lights can be placed in various places, such as in the corner of the room lighting, accent lighting to highlight specific and independent lighting such as table lamp or a standing lamp. The form is simple, small, compact and easily placed to make these bulbs are superior to both types of lights before. With so many advantages that LED lights to have the potential to replace the CFL lamp types are already familiar community use.