Pomade best choice for real men, because men today are not necessarily familiar with the name pomade, ie hairdressers that can be applied to a wide variety of hair style as desired users. Visit www.drunkwithstyle.info and get the best pomade review.

Here we will describe some of the best pomades for you to see:

– Cock Grease pomade x and no x
The brand has two variants pomade elegant types, namely Grease Pomade Cock X which has a sticky resistance is quite strong and durable, as well as a strong impression of gloss. While Grease Pomade Cock No. X has a hold that medium. However, generally, two types of pomade are made of the same, namely oil, and offers a pleasant aroma of fresh coconut.

– Murrays Pomade Superior
Murrays are known for its many colour variants like Nu Nile pomade, Beeswax, 50-50 Small Batch and Superlight. But of all the variants of the most loved man is Murrays Pomade Superior.

– Uppercut Pomade Deluxe
If you are one of those men who are very concerned with the appearance, then uppercut pomade is the right choice for your hairdo. Because it has a strong resistance hold to medium shine.