Many cat owners are confused and wondering, what should they do with their cats when they decided to vacation out of town. Should cats be brought, left at home or deposited in animal care? The answer depends on how long it takes for the holiday. Generally, cats will feel sad when the environment changes or the people they loved are not around. Cats love routine daily activities and the environment in which he used to live. If you will be travelling during the weekend, it is best to leave enough food and water for two days and let your cat stays at home. Although you will be away for just a short time, make sure that you provide someone to accompany them. The best option is to hire a pet sitter at Queen City Petsitting.

If you are travelling for a long time, more than 2 days, your cat can be left to be at home but you have to call the sitter to come at least once a day to check on your cat and give the attention that your cat needs. You should not have to worry because all the pet sitter from Queen City Petsitting are a professional and experienced caregiver. Of course, you can also take along your cat, but keep in mind that changes in the environment can cause stress and possible your cat can bring a variety of manners ‘strange’ is not usually done by your cat.

If you must leave your cat in an animal care facility, make sure that you get references from people you trust, such as your subscription veterinarian. Not a few daycare animals that have poor facilities. Most importantly, the facility should be clean and odourless, daycare dogs and cats are far enough apart and did not put the two cats who do not know each other in one cage. Leave something that has a distinctive odour you are with your cat It aims to help calm the cat as long as you’re not on their side.