The risk of shoulder impingement quite high in athletes who repeatedly perform overhead motions (movement of the hand above the head) in their sports activities Baseball players, tennis, rowing, weightlifting is a sport with a high risk, as well as painters and carpenters.

Another cause is associated with abnormalities of the anatomical shape of the tip of the shoulder blade (acromion) or the bone spur (bone spurs). A bone spur or new bone formation occurs as a result of bone metabolic disorders commonly associated with the aging process or because of certain diseases. Deformities and their bone spur can cause suppression of the supraspinatus muscle tendon especially in circumstances where the arm is moved upwards.

One widely used method is the administration of drugs. However, chemistry obviously has side effects that are not good, and therefore as good as his method naturally without the side effects that you can get in In some cases, complaints will disappear without treatment, by resting the arm. The treatment from this method is focused on reducing pain and swelling. It is also to maintain normal range of motion of the shoulder joints and strengthens the muscles of the shoulder.