Walleye Fishing Guide Idaho – In the northern parts of the United States, fishing the walleye fish is a very popular activity. It’s true, that’s because the walleye is a very challenging fish to catch and it’s also very delicious. Walleye is one of the freshwater fishes that’s really popular for the culinary ingredient. Nothing beats eating a walleye dish for your lunch on a beach. There are so many people think about “walleye” when they’ve heard the word “Canada”. However, the walleye fish is also often to be found in the northern parts of the America.

So, how is this fish earned its name as the “walleye”? It’s pretty simple actually. The name “walleye” is come from the fact that its eyes are reflecting the light, just like the eyes of the cats. It’s due to the light that has been gathered in the eyes of this fish, so they are able to see in the low light condition. Due to this blessing from nature, the walleye fish often to hunt in the nighttime, and it’s been classified as the nocturnal animal. However, this doesn’t mean that you can only catch this fish in the night. Even though this fish can navigate well in the low light condition, you still can catch this fish by fishing in the low light areas in the rivers and lakes of the Northern America.

Due to their ability to see in the near dark area, make it’s this time of condition is the best time to catch this fish. It’s recommended for you to catch this fish on the cloudy days and when the water is wavy. When the water is wavy, the walleye still be able to navigate well due to the design of their eyes.

You can catch this fish by using the trolling or the casting technique. For the live bait, the anglers usually choose a live worm to catch them in the spring and autumn while they’re following the current to hunt and also lay their eggs.